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How it all started

Neville Storer was born and raised in Jamaica, in a town called Sheffield right outside of Negril. He learned to cook from his grandparents and aunties, and his mother. Just by being in the kitchen with them, watching and asking questions, Neville captured the family gift. He moved to Bronx, New York when he was about 11 years of age. Neville has lived in the states ever since. Neville's uncle taught him how to play basketball. He became good enough to earn a full basketball scholarship to Long Island University (CW Post Campus). He was even good enough to try out for the New York Nicks. You can experience Neville's passion for authentic Jamaican cuisine cooking only at Yard Cooked Dishes.

Yardcookeddishes got started in his dorm room at Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas. Finding dining and delivery options after 9 PM in Hawkins proved difficult, and if anyone wanted food after 9:00 PM, it was a 30-minute ride to the nearest town. Neville saw an opportunity and could not resist it. He purchased two electric skillets, two rice cookers, and a water cooler from a local Walmart. Cooking his Beef and Rice dish and Chicken and Rice dish, Neville found himself in great demand from both on-campus and off-campus. Students and staff. He chose to continue when it proved profitable.

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